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Where is our local aid and prison mitigation money?

June 26, 2010

This was then-Worcester Mayor Tim Murray in a TV ad in 2006, running for Lt. Governor on a ticket with Deval Patrick:

This ad, while well-intentioned, now serves as an example of why the Patrick-Murray administration does not deserve re-election this year. Governor Patrick has let down our cities and towns during the past four years by repeatedly cutting local aid, and, in the case of Walpole, prison mitigation money. Property taxes go up in Walpole every year, too. So much for property tax relief.

This week, we learned that Governor Patrick is considering whether or not to approve a state budget that includes a 4% cut in local aid. If he was staying true to his campaign promises, he would send it back to the legislature for revision.

This year, once again, Walpole will not be getting prison mitigation money from the state. This is money that the town should be obligated to receive because we host a prison in our town. Perhaps it’s retribution because Patrick lost in Walpole in 2006.

To be fair, one of his gubernatorial opponents, Tim Cahill, has also stated that he will cut local aid if elected this year. In fact, Cahill has boasted about it.

The only candidate for governor this year who has promised to restore local aid and prison mitigation money and not cut it in future budgets is Republican Charlie Baker.

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