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What our school officials can do now…

June 14, 2010



The sign pictured above is in front of Walpole High School. Notice the image of the “Gun-Totin’ Rebel Man” that is on the sign.

We know that school officials can’t change the fact that a local resident has put a Confederate flag on private property next to Turco Field. But school officials should focus on what they can change. Removing this sign would be a key first step in my opinion.

The “Gun-Totin’ Reb” is not in itself racist. But it is a symbol of the Confederacy and should be removed if Walpole school officials are serious about disassociating the school from the Confederacy. If nothing else, this image on the sign is a slap in the face to Walpole’s Civil War veterans who fought valiantly against the Confederates and died doing so.

Here is a picture of a perfectly good sign that has been sitting in storage near the Walpole High School loading dock for several years now and has never been put up.

UPDATE: According to a 2003 article in The Rebellion, Walpole High School’s school newspaper, the sign pictured below was purchased soon after the 2001 high school renovation at a cost to the town of $2000 and has never been put up. Apparently, the school asked the Walpole DPW repeatedly between 2001 and 2003 to put it up, but the DPW has refused to put it up for unknown reasons. This seems like a story in itself.


I suggest that school officials finally put this sign to use and use it to replace the one with the “Gun-Totin’ Reb” on it.

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