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A brief update on the flag/sign situation

June 1, 2010

The Walpole Police Department conducted an investigation of the Rebel flag sign vandalism today and dusted for fingerprints. It didn’t appear they had any leads the last time I checked.

I am told efforts are underway by the Athletic Director to take the black paint off the sign and put it back up. The AD seemed confident that it could be done very soon.

Special thanks to the local residents who were contacted by the AD’s office and GENEROUSLY donated their time and money to have the sign installed in the first place! These residents are involved with the Walpole High athletic program, and provided the sign last week at no cost to the town. They all believed that it was important that the flag not be associated with our sports program. It is a shame it was quickly vandalized.

I am also told that the sign was just painted black by the vandals – not knocked over by them. The sign was later taken down by lacrosse players who were concerned that the obscene word on it, “F*** You” should not be so visible and prominent on the sign and should thus be put on the ground. The sign being knocked down was not involved with the crime itself.

If the sign is put back up and then vandalized again, it would clearly be a direct attempt to spite school officials.

This Rebel issue has unfortunately dominated most of my time, and this blog, for the past few days. This will hopefully be my last post about the Rebel mascot for a little while. I remind my blog’s readers that we should not let this issue distract us from a very important town election coming up on Saturday. My thoughts on that will be published in the next few days, including another endorsement for selectman.

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