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What happened to Genzyme can happen to Siemens…

April 26, 2010

This past week we learned that Genzyme Corp., a biotechnology company based in biotech-rich Cambridge, with a plant in Allston, will be fined by the FDA for problems at its Allston facility.

This accident at Genzyme is a reminder that anything can happen at Siemens should they be allowed to upgrade to Level 3 biohazards.

There are striking similarities between Genzyme and Siemens.  Here are some of the quotes from the Boston Globe article:

“It marks the first time Genzyme has faced an FDA fine in its 29-year history.”
Sounds a lot like Siemens – a stellar track record

“Last June, Genzyme temporarily suspended much of its Allston operations
after it detected a virus in the plant and was forced to launch a
massive decontamination effort. Genzyme still has not definitively
traced the source of the infection, which crippled production for
months and caused shortages of some key products.”

Still has not traced the source of the infection?  That sounds rather disturbing.  Especially given that Genzyme is such a well-known company with a supposedly stellar record.

“The Allston plant manufactures or packages drugs designed to treat
rare genetic disorders…”

Once again, sounds just like what Siemens wants to do: manufacturing.

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