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Have you been counted?

April 7, 2010

This is a public service announcement from Sam Obar 180, reminding all Walpole residents to fill out and return their 2010 census forms as soon as possible.  If 100% of households across the country mailed back their forms promptly, taxpayers would save
$1.5 billion dollars.  Furthermore, the Brookings Institution estimates that Massachusetts is likely to
receive more than $2000 in federal aid for every person who fills out
the census.

In Walpole, as of April 7, 2010, 71% of Walpole residents have participated in the census.  That is comparable to an 83% participation rate in the 2000 census.  This year, we are already ahead of neighboring towns, like Norwood, at 65%, but we are behind towns like Norfolk, Foxborough, Dover, and Westwood.  We can do better.  This state is at risk of losing congressional seats and much-needed federal funding.  We are laying off teachers in the Walpole Public School system – is this really the time to be lazy and give up nearly $2000 in federal funding per person?  The answer is no.  Take 10 minutes and fill out your census form and mail it back.  Think of this as a competition between our neighboring towns, and let’s see who can get close to 100% first.  I think Walpole can and will.

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