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Imbusch is the one

March 8, 2010

School Superintendent Lincoln Lynch announced the new principal of Walpole High School today in a letter to students, parents, and staff. Good luck to Mr. Holcomb, the other finalist. I hope to see him as Superintendent somewhere someday. I had been secretly hoping he would pull an upset.

A message to Mr. Imbusch: Be aware that a good number of students would have preferred Holcomb, so you have some work to do to reach out to the student body! Also, you should consider some of the ideas that Holcomb has proposed, like requiring 25 hours of community service from students as a graduation requirement. I would be one to go along with that.

Here is the text of the letter:

Dear Students, Parents and Staff:

As Superintendent of Schools, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Stephen Imbusch as the new Principal for Walpole High School.  Mr. Imbusch demonstrates the leadership characteristics needed to move the school forward.  Mr. Imbusch began his career at Walpole High School thirteen years ago as a Technology Teacher and has served the past eight years a Assistant Principal.

Throughout the exhaustive four month selection process, Mr. Imbusch exhibited an authentic desire to advocate for the success of every student.  He expressed his belief that students and faculty deserve an atmosphere of mutual respect.  He openly identified weaknesses that need immediate attention, such as removing the school from accreditation warning status; improving two-way communication with students, faculty and parents;  establishing a team-building model for inclusive decision making; and strengthening mid-level courses.  He understands the history and culture of Walpole and will ensure stability in the position.

My sincere thanks to the scores of students, parents and staff who participated in the selection process.  Several common themes surfaced from a thorough review of the feedback submitted.  Mr. Imbusch’s skill set best aligned with the framework of skills and characteristics necessary for the leader of a 21st century high school.

Both finalists earned our sincere appreciation by preparing for and participating in the process.

Mr. Imbusch will fully assume the duties of Walpole High School principal on March 15, 2010. The District will be posting the (now vacant) Assistant Principal position for a start date prior to the next school year. In the meantime, an Interim Assistant Principal will be announced shortly.

The contract is under negotiations.

Lincoln Lynch

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