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Baker visits Walpole

February 27, 2010

Charlie Baker, who is running for governor as a Republican, visited the Westbury Farms Family Restaurant in downtown Walpole today.  He met with a variety of local residents, answered questions, and gave a short speech.  He then took a walk to Betro’s Pharmacy where he chatted with customers there.

During his speech, Baker promised not to make any cuts to local aid or prison mitigation money as governor.  He also sought to do a total review of all state regulations and unfunded mandates.

Governor Deval Patrick, running for re-election against Baker, will be visiting Walpole within the next couple of weeks according to reliable sources inside his campaign.

Here are some pictures of Baker’s visit to Walpole.  This article is by no means an endorsement necessarily for Baker or his campaign.

Mr. Baker speaks with Walpole Police Chief Richard Stillman and other Walpole officers.

Mr. Baker chats with customers at Westbury Farms.

Mr. Baker answered questions from local residents in the parking lot of Westbury Farms.  Selectwoman Nancy Mackenzie (at left) and Town Moderator Jon Rockwood (at right) were present as well.

Mr. Baker was introduced to local officials by fellow Republican, Town Moderator, and 2008 State Senate candidate Jon Rockwood.

Various members of the Board of Selectman were given the opportunity to speak directly with Mr. Baker.  Shown here are, from left, Chris Timson, Selectman Chairman, Cliff Snuffer, and Nancy Mackenzie, along with Jon Rockwood.

Mr. Baker chats with Peter Betro, of Betro’s Pharmacy, and a customer inside Betro’s.

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