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Two new Downtown Businesses

December 26, 2009

Downtown Walpole is apparently on the upswing with the opening of two stores in Walpole.

Within apparently a span of only a few weeks, a new franchise called Candy Bouquet has transformed a formerly-vacant storefront in downtown Walpole into what will be a vibrant new candy store.  It is not clear whether they have opened yet, but at last check, it seems if they haven’t already they are about to.

I took a walk in downtown Walpole this weekend, and was pleasantly surprised to find that Candy Bouquet has created a welcoming atmosphere with rustic signs, four televisions, and containers stuffed with candy.  You just have to see the store to understand how much effort has apparently been put into re-doing the interior.

The store will apparently be offering fudge, along with free fudge samples.  And this in downtown Walpole!  We haven’t seen a real candy store in Walpole Center since Watson’s moved out.  This is great news for downtown, and I think this is a business that will succeed!

Furthermore, in other downtown economic news, Saltwater Paradise has opened on Glenwood Avenue, and they have a new website.  The store holds drawings for $25 credit at the store, which can actually buy you quite a few different types of fish.  The owner says there are plans for future expansion.

Good luck to both of these new downtown businesses in Walpole’s business environment.

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