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The latest downtown thoughts and developments

October 25, 2009

Saltwater Paradise is the name of the exotic fish and coral store that will be moving onto Glenwood Avenue.  The phone number is 508-660-5000, and upon calling it I found that they have a fully functional voicemail machine that informed me that I had “dialed Saltwater Paradise.  Your call is very important to us.”  That is a good sign that things are shaping up, although there is still a Coming Soon sign.

Anybody who complains about a lack of parking in downtown clearly has never been downtown.  I took a walk through two of Walpole’s municipal parking lots, one between Stone Field and the Main Street storefronts, and the other behind Bank of America.  Both provide very easy access to nearly every downtown storefront.  There is no sign of what Dick and Jane’s and CB’s is going to be.  But the storefront they are moving into has access to both Main Street parking and a back entrance to the municipal parking lot.

I looked at the blueprints for the new Walpole Public Library, something I’ve already done many times before, but this time I took a good hard look.  Frankly, I’m not too sure why there is a very large lecture hall occupying a good amount of space in the new building.  This space would be a great spot for a coffee shop, which would bring in revenue in the form of lease payments to the town.  While I recognize that the library is used by many different organizations as a meeting space, there is no need for a large lecture hall.  A medium-sized common room would be suitable.  I am advocating for a coffee shop and cafe.  Many other libraries have done the same thing.

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