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Slowly but surely, Walpole Center is reviving itself

October 12, 2009

Here is what I learned from walking around Walpole Center today:

There is an exotic fish and coral store that will be moving onto Glenwood Ave, in what was the old Walpole Press. There is a “Coming Soon” sign and a phone number on it. An exotic fish store is not exactly what I would call a necessity in downtown Walpole, but at least it is the sort of business that might attract people from all over the country who are looking for specific types of fish.

Next to Beckett’s Pub, in the newly renovated storefront, Flowers and More is apparently opening. They are relocating from further down 1A in Walpole.

There were some workers at the former Sunoco station at the corner of Main and Front Streets. When asked what was moving in there, one, who didn’t seem to speak English, said he didn’t know yet, and the other didn’t seem to comprehend what was being asked. So although work is being done there, there is no evidence that any new businesses will be moving in there in the near future, although reports are that a convenience store is moving in.

Contrary to a report on WalpoleWords, there still appears to be a “For Lease” sign in the window of the old Paddock/Barleycorn – no sign of progress there.

Even Times reporter Keith Ferguson doesn’t know what D and J’s & C and B’s is at this point. No one I’ve spoken to seems to know either.

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