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My Wishes for 2009

January 1, 2009

A new year is upon us, and I wanted to take this moment to discuss some basic things that I wish for this year:

1. I wish for justice for Danny Villa
and foremost, I would like to see a speedy but fair trial for Mr.
Villa.  Should he be found guilty, I would like to see him serve an
appropriate amount of time in prison, and I want him to apologize to
the community for his obvious betrayal of our trust.  If he is found
innocent of any of the charges against him, I would like to see the
community accept him again.  Either way, I want our town to be more
proactive to prevent future incidents like this from occurring with our
town’s teachers.

2. I wish for responsible political leadership
someone who was never a fan of either Barack Obama or George Bush, I
would like to see our new president, who promised change, truly deliver
change and wipe away the disastrous failures of the past eight years. 
I would like to see politicians on Beacon Hill and on Capitol Hill stop
the partisan bickering and work together to strengthen the economy and
restore America’s dignity. I would like to see Osama Bin Laden
captured, the War in Iraq ended, and our dependence on foreign oil
diminished.  I want the Democrats, who will enter the 111th Congress
this year with a majority in both the US Senate and US House of
Representatives in addition to a hold of the White House, to be
open-minded and cautious with American tax dollars.  I want ethics for
politicians to be restored, especially here in Massachusetts, and I
would like to see more investment in renewable energy.

3. I wish for a championship sports year like no other
would like to see the Red Sox go all the way to win the World Series
this year, and I want the Patriots to end their season as the victors
in the 2010 Superbowl – not in December, like they did this year.  I
want to see the Walpole Little League make it into, and win, the Little
League World Series again, and I want the New England Revolution to win
the Cup.  I want to see the Walpole Rebels become champions in every
sport this year.

4. I wish for peace and harmony for all
I wish for world peace and for everybody to feel safe.  I want
violence, both on city streets and in conflicts in foreign countries,
to be drastically reduced, and I would like to see more cooperation
internationally among scientists to combat illnesses.  I want to see a
responsible well-thought-out plan for healthcare reform in America,
and I want the United Nations, and other world powers, to take an
active role in stopping needless wars and genocides in places like
Israel, Darfur, and the Middle East.

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